Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Update - We are in Budva, Montenegro now. Sophie put her feet in the Adriatic Sea, and got a big kick out of it. Sophie continues to be a good traveler. She only gets a little cranky if we have kept her out too late, and even then she's not too bad. Everyone loves her....the waiters and shop clerks all treat her with special care. And she makes little friends everywhere she goes - we have a couple of pictures of the children she befriended along the way. She has not eaten much of the local food except salad, cheese, bacon, and bread, and she drinks plenty of liquids. Tonight we happened upon some local musicians practicing their music. Sophie and I watched them play for a little while. Dinner was waiting for us, so I had to take her away. She was very mad at me, and begged to be taken back to the music.

Tomorrow we are going to Bay of Kotar, also in Montenegro.

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