Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hi, Mom and Craig.  We are all doing well.  Chris has a nice house nestled in the mountains.  Sophie loves their dog, Kenny.  She bosses him around (though he doesn't really listen).  And of course she loves her cousin Iva.  She tries to be helpful to her (pick up her toys if she drops them), and wants to hold her.  We went shopping at an outdoor market today, and Sophie just wanted to chase the pigeons away.  I think she was feeling protective of her cousin.  It was an hour plus drive to and from the market, and Iva didn't really like the long drive. She had a hard time taking a nap while we were out.  I'm a little nervous for Iva to travel by car with us to Montenegro and Croatia to visit some coastal towns.  Iva is not used to getting "off her routine", and our little day trip was hard on her.  So, we'll see.  Sophie, on the other hand, has been a good little traveler. Other than jet lag, she's been fine and having a lot of fun.

Love ya,

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